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Google is about to kick all firearms, ammo, and parts out of their shopping search engine

On May 31, 2012 Google made a major announcement regarding upcoming changes to their comparative shopping engine currently known as Google Product Search. If you have ever searched for an item on Google, and especially if you have hit the "shopping" link on the results, you have used this feature. The service will now be known as Google Shopping and will be a purely commercial product and the transition is to be completed by Fall 2012. The new service will be based on the model that is currently in use for Google Adwords that is a "cost per click" advertising model. Up until this point, the Google products service has been completely free and allows for all firearms and firearms components to be presented to the consumer without restriction. This is all about to change and most firearms related products will now be booted out of the search engine by this fall.


As anyone in the firearms industry that sells online knows, Google has always been anti-gun when it comes to their advertising policy. If you pay them to be included in a service, you are subject to their content policy. Their organic search, on the other hand, has always been uncensored and included all content, even firearms related. When it comes to paying Google for a service, however, it is nearly impossible to sell anything gun related on the internet except for items that are not part of the firearm. For example Google will allow advertising of a sling or a barrel wrench, but not a stock, high-capacity magazine, or a pistol grip. Even an honest attempt to comply with their "prohibited items" policy seemed to be futile as ad campaigns seemed to be rejected randomly based upon the interpretation of their policy by an individual reviewer. I had ads for products such as bipods and optics run for months, only to be rejected later with no explanation other than "content policy violation. The new Google Shopping service will be subject to the same content policy that is in place for Google Adwords. This means that all firearms, ammunition, and parts will not fall into their "family friendly" requirement and will be rejected from the shopping search engine.

Google Advertising - Weapons

This is a very unfortunate turn for those of us in the firearms industry, one of the few industries that has actually been doing quite well during these tough economic times. I would gladly pay Google to continue to be included in their comparative search engine but it appears they do not want my money and instead will be excluding us along with other undesirables such as online gambling, prostitution, and drug paraphernalia.

Stratfor Intelligence confirms only 12% of Mexican crime guns from the US

Independent intelligence and research firm Stratfor released a report which confirms yet again that the figures reported by the ATF at a congressional hearing in 2009 were grossly misleading and incorrect. Stratfor researched the data from the Government Accountability Office (GOA) and confirmed that the true number is actually only 12%, not the 90% that has been reported incorrectly in the US media and often reported, even today, by self-serving anti-gun media and legislators. The graph below illustrates what the data actually shows.
Mexico Chart

Barrett introduces the California-legal model 82A1® fixed magazine semi-automatic rifle

Once again Ronnie Barrett has shown his support for the California gun owner and has introduced a fixed-magazine version of the 82A1 in .416 Barrett that incorporates their own "Bullet Button" design magazine release. These rifles are a reality and begin shipping February 24th, 2010.

For a little background, below is a letter written by Ronnie Barrett to LAPD's Chief Bratton over his disgust in witnessing the LAPD use a Barrett rifle as a prop to help pass the .50BMG rifle ban in California back in 2004. In response, Barrett let it be known that if his rifles were not allowed to be sold to citizens in California that he would no longer sell or service the rifles for California law enforcement agencies either. I cannot begin to describe how much respect I have for Ronnie Barrett and his support for the rights of the California gun owner and the 2nd Amendment.
Dear Chief Bratton,

I, a U.S. citizen, own Barrett Firearms Mfg. Inc., and for 20 years, I have built .50 caliber rifles for my fellow citizens, for their Law Enforcement departments and for their nation’s armed forces.

You may be aware of the latest negative misinformation campaign from a Washington based anti-gun group, the Violence Policy Center. The VPC has, for three or so years, been unsuccessful in Washington, D.C. trying to demonize and ban a new subclass of firearms, the .50 caliber and other “too powerful” rifles. This type of nibbling process has been historically successful in civilian disarmament of other nations governed by totalitarian and other regimes less tolerant of individual rights than the United States.

The VPC’s most recent efforts directs this misinformation campaign at your state, attempting to get any California body to pass any law against .50 caliber firearms. In March 2002, the VPC caused the California State Assembly, Public Safety Committee to consider and reject the issue by a 5 to 0 with 1 abstaining vote.

Regrettably, the same material has been presented to your city council. I personally attended the council meeting in Los Angeles regarding attempts to ban ownership of the .50 caliber rifle in your city. I was allowed to briefly address the council. The tone of the discussion was mostly emotionally based, so the facts that I attempted to provide were ineffective to the extent they were heard at all. The council voted to have the city attorney draft an ordinance to ban the .50, and further, to instruct the city’s representatives in Sacrament and in Washington, D.C. to push for bans at their respective levels.

At that council meeting, I was very surprised to see an LAPD officer seated front and center with a Barrett 82A1 .50 cal. Rifle. It was the centerpiece of the discussion. As you know, there have been no crimes committed with these rifles, and most importantly, current California law does not allow the sale of the M82A1 in the state because of its detachable magazine and features that make it an “assault weapon.” This rifle was being deceptively used by your department. The officer portrayed it as a sample of a currently available .50 cal rifle, available for sale to the civilians of Los Angeles. One councilman even questioned how this rifle was available under current laws, but as I stated, facts were ineffective that day.

Your officer, speaking for the LAPD, endorsed the banning of this rifle and its ammunition. Then he used the rifle for photo ops with the Councilmen, each of whom, in handling the firearm, may have been committing a felony. I was amazed.

Since 1968, with the closing of the U.S. Springfield Armory, all of the small arms produced for the various government agencies are from the private sector. Every handgun, rifle or shotgun that law enforcement needs comes from this firearms industry. Unless the City of Los Angeles has plans of setting up its own firearms manufacturing, it may need to guard the manufacturing sources it has now.

When I returned to my office from Los Angeles, I found an example of our need for mutual cooperation. Your department had sent one of your 82A1 rifles in to us for service. All of my knowledge in the use of my rifle in the field of law enforcement had been turned upside down by witnessing how your department used yours. Not to protect and serve, but for deception, photo opportunities, and to further an ill-conceived effort that may result in the use of LA taxpayer monies to wage losing political battles in Washington against civil liberties regarding gun ownership.

Please excuse my slow response on the repair service of the rifle. I am battling to what service I am repairing the rifle for. I will not sell, nor service, my rifles to those seeking to infringe upon the Constitution and the crystal clear rights it affords individual to own firearms.

I implore you to investigate the facts of the .50, to consider the liberties of the law-abiding people and our mutual coexistence, and to change your department’s position on this issue.


Ronnie G. Barrett

ATF Statistics about US guns to Mexican Drug Cartels DEBUNKED!

Fox News has done some actual investigative journalism and found that the statistics being thrown around by the Obama administration and parroted by the media are false.  The real analysis shows that 83% of the guns siezed from the drug cartels by Mexican authorities over the last two years DID NOT originate from the United States.  Now I wonder how much of that 17% were sold, legally, by the US government to the Mexican government and then made their way into the wrong hands through corruption and desertion by Mexican military personnel.

Video: Truth revealed, 83% of the guns are NOT coming from the United States

CNN back to their old tricks - Faking "Assault Weapon" demonstrations

Viewer is shown a semiautomatic rifle
A semiautomatic rifle is shown to the viewer...

Fully automatic rifle is then demonstrated
then a fully automatic gun is demonstrated being fired at body armor

Video: CNN faking gun demonstrations

CNN is back to their old tricks, once again faking gun demonstrations and misleading their viewers to further their anti-gun agenda.  On March 27th, 2009 CNN released this video featuring reporter Drew Griffin in which he describes how "high-power" firearms from the United States are fueling the drug cartel violence in Mexico.  Griffin parrots the information given to him by the ATF agents and Mexican police, without any fact-checking, and proceeds to paint a picture of straw purchases at gunshows in the U.S. as the source of these guns.  At one point Griffin shows the viewers what looks like a post-ban style semiautomatic AK clone with a PSL style stock and claims the guns were seized from a "U-Haul heading south... near the border".  The very next moment an ATF agent is show firing a fully-automatic AK at a car door and body armor.  The rifles look very similar but if you give it more than a casual glance it is quite obvious from the stocks that these are not the same rifles.  Also as anybody with any knowledge of guns knows, fully-automatic rifles are NOT readily available for sale by US gun dealers and gun shows and Griffin should have the integrity to point this fact out instead of being complicit in more fake, staged gun demonstrations.

Gen Wesley Clark blames Mexican violence on "machine guns" from the US

On the March 15th, 2009 edition of Fox New's "Geraldo at Large" guest General Wesley Clark appeared and blamed the recent Mexican drug cartel violence on "machine guns" from the United States flowing into Mexico.  When Geraldo briefly tried to place the focus on corruption with the police of the border towns, Gen Clark quickly shifted the focus back to gun ownership in the United States and called for the renewal of the "Assault Weapons Ban".

Gen Wesley Clark lying his ass off

 Video of Gen Wesley Clark on Geraldo


 Clark: "The real problem here in the Mexican government, the people I have talked to in the Mexican government say the problem Mexico has is that we are sending weapons into Mexico."... "We've got to clean up our own act on the weapons".

 Ok, let me get this straight - the "real" problem here, the cause of all the violence and murder in Mexico, is not the corruption in the Mexican government and law enforcement, not the huge sums of money that are at stake in the drug trade, the real problem here is that firearms from the United States are flowing into Mexico and creating the violence and causing people to murder each other.

Clark: "I think we need to reinstitute the "Assault Weapon" ban in the Unites States.  If people want "machine guns" let them join the military."

Clark: "for personal use, absolutely not, that is how they are getting across the border"...  "The Mexican government is asking of us - please cut off the flow of "machine guns" coming from the United States into Mexico"

Now I assume General Clark, having such a distinguised military career, has actually been around some weapons before  He certainly knows that a semi-auto rifle, those that were actually address in the AW ban, are not "Machine Guns".  He is lying to everyone to push this gun-grabbing agenda. 

Geraldo: "I agree with you General Clark, thank you.  What are we using AK-47's for, duck hunting?  Absolutely preposterous, great for gun collectors, but to be able to buy 100 AK-47's and bring them into Mexico, absolutely appalingly ridiculous.  General Clark thank you very much.

What can I say, Geraldo is an idiot.  This is just what would you expect from someone stupid enough to draw a map in the sand on live television to give away the position of the military unit he was embedded with during the Iraq war invasion.

Ridiculous Media exaggerations over "World's Smallest Gun"

And I thought the hysteria over a pink rifle was bad.  Check out the latest sensationalized, exaggerated gun story in the media:  "Introducing the world's smallest gun that fires deadly 300mph bullets - but is just two inches long"

 World's Smallest Gun

"Meet the pistol that fits in your pocket - and packs a hell of a punch."

"The SwissMiniGun is the size of a key fob but fires tiny 270mph bullets powerful enough to kill at close range."

"Jonathan Spencer, consultant forensic scientist and firearms expert, said that although the gun, which fires bullets at a speed of 399 feet a second, was tiny, it could still prove fatal and in the eyes of the law was as dangerous as a machine gun."

 "It is capable of killing someone. Under section 5 of the Firearms Act it would be a prohibited weapon. It would be on the same scale as a machine gun."

Even Fox News had this ridiculous video (link) on this gun. 

Wow, that is quite the sensational story.  Tiny bullets that travel 300 miles per hour!  Well since bullet velocity is normally measured in feet per second (fts) lets put this menace to society in perspective with a little basic math:

1 mile = 5280 feet
1 hour = 3600 seconds

5280 feet X 300 miles = 1584000 feet per hour
1584000 fph / 3600 sec = 440 fps

Ok, so in less sensational terms this tiny rimfire gun fires 2.34mm bullets at 440 fps and costs between $5,952.00 for the basic model, and up to $59,529.00 dollars for the extravagant 18 caret gold and diamond encrusted version.

Lets compare that to some common Daisy BB guns.

Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun: .177 Caliber 280 fps, $39.99
You'll shoot your eye out!

Daisy BB Gun Pellet 880: .177 Caliber 750 fps, $48.96
Daisy BB Gun Pellet 880

Daisy CO2 Powerline  15 XT BB Pistol: .177 Caliber 480fps, $46.99
Daisy 15 XT

The projectile from this gun could probably pentrate the skin if it was pressed directly against someone, but I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that it wouldn't even penetrate simple clothing from a distance of two feet, although it may leave a nasty welt on your skin.  A small pocket knife or a 25 cent sharpened number 02 pencil would probably be a more formidable weapon than this hilarious collectors item.


Hello Kitty rifle makes CNN

It looks like the irrational fear of pink Hello Kitty and other painted guns keeps spreading.  Now it appears that reporter Brahim Resnik from KPNX Channel 12 in Phoenix has picked up the story and offers this one-sided hit job:


After showing a woman on the street a picture of the Hello Kitty rifle and getting a laugh from her, he then proceeds to tell her "that it is a weapon used by the military".  The military is using semi-automatic civilian AR15's now?  Wow, maybe that is why it is taking us so long to finish up in Iraq.

This is just another made-up hypothetical "threat" to law enforcement that has no basis in the truth.  They even dig up a retired police officer to warn us about how frightening it is that it is legal for us to paint our own personal property any color we wish.  Must have been a slow news day...

University of Florida newspaper prints correction on "Painted Guns" story

Due to numerous comments, emails, and blogging on their incorrect reporting on the Hello Kitty rifle, and painted guns in general, the editors of The Alligator have printed this correction (link).

I like this part:

"On Thursday, Feb. 8, we ran an article based on a report from the Gainesville Police Department about guns painted to look like toys. GPD provided us with a photo, which we ran in the paper and online. As far as we knew, the entire issue was about disguising guns in order to confuse law enforcement.

We were wrong.

But I thought this part was most interesting of all:

"This story should have been about gun laws, gun-owners and the concerns voiced by law enforcement, not just the perspective of law enforcement on this trend. We should have asked GPD where they got the photo of the rifle and followed up to make sure we could use it. (Turns out, the whole thing was handed down from New York.) "

Yep, no doubt handed down directly from Mayor Bloomberg's office due to his crusade against DuraCoat.  At least the editors of The Alligator have admitted their mistake and are linking back to my actual blog for the real story behind the Hello Kitty rifle.  I commend them on the correction.